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New alcoholic ginger beer: a first for Kopparberg

02nd June 2023

Fans of bold and fruity flavours can try something new this summer with Kopparberg’s Orange Ginger Beer.

Kopparberg’s 5% ABV orange-flavoured alcoholic ginger beer is zesty and refreshing with a delicious blend of ginger spice and citrus sweetness. The orange aroma and taste give it a vibrant and uplifting character, perfect for sipping on a warm summer day or pairing with spicy cuisine. Kopparberg Ginger Beer is a colourful balance of bold flavours and smooth drinkability.

The new drink will be available in 500ml bottles and like most of Kopparberg’s products, the ginger beer is best served over mountains of ice.

From March 2023, Kopparberg’s Orange Ginger Beer will be available from Tesco with availability in ASDA from May.

Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing at Kopparberg said, “We knew our fans were looking for ginger-flavoured drinks but there wasn’t anything on the market that offered the kind of flavour they get from our products. Ginger Beer is an exciting first for our brand and we’re confident our iconic flavours deliver the refreshing taste our fans have come to expect.”