Kopparberg Cider

spiced apple cider

Blending our original apple cider with the taste of the traditional winter spice of cinnamon; Kopparberg Spiced Apple has a warm, agreeably sweet, woody aroma that is both delicate and intense. Enjoy over ice or served hot, to warm up even the coldest of nights.
Available in 500ml bottles

raspberry cider

Kopparberg Raspberry Cider is bursting with tart, fresh raspberry flavours and subtle hints of mint. Pour over heaps of ice and feel the sun on your face, it's the recipe for a perfect day.
Available in 500ml bottles / 4x330ml bottles.

naked apple cider

This one is for the purists; nothing but the taste of fresh green apples, with a little tang and some big fizz.  Kopparberg Naked Apple Cider keeps it simple, there’s no need to complicate things, especially when it tastes this good. Simply enjoy over ice.


Available in 500ml bottles / 6x500ml bottles.

mixed fruit cider

Bursting with blackcurrants and raspberries, Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Cider spoils you. Rich and indulgent with an effervescent energy, its best served cold over mountains of ice. 


Available in 500ml bottles / 4x330ml bottles/ 6x500ml bottles / 10x330ml cans / 12x330ml cans.

pear cider

The juices of plump pears are infused with our naturally occurring soft water, to create the perfect combination of a refreshingly light and fruity cider, with the punch of a strong pear taste.  Kopparberg Pear Cider is deliciously thirst quenching and full of life.  


Available in 500ml bottles / 330ml bottles / 4x330ml bottles / 4x500ml Cans / 6x330ml Cans / 12x330ml Cans / 10x330ml cans.

strawberry & lime cider


Like summer in a glass; a splash of fresh strawberries in apple juice, and a squeeze of tangy lime.  Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider is perfect for Summer BBQs.  Drink it over ice and the job’s done.


Available in 500ml bottles / 4x330ml bottles / 6x500ml cans / 10x330ml cans.

elderflower & lime cider

With a light and floral taste and the extra zing from a hefty squeeze of lime, Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime Cider is a secret worth discovering.  Pour over chunks of ice and enjoy with a thin slice of cucumber…or strawberry for that sweeter taste. 


Available in 500ml bottles.

cloudberry cider

A berry that's named after a cloud?  Cloudberries are a rare Nordic berry and bursting with a unique flavour they make the taste of Kopparberg Cloudberry Cider more tart than sweet.  Drink it with a thick wedge of pink grapefruit and pour over ice for the perfect serve.
Available in 500ml bottles.

alcohol-free pear cider

The first alcohol-free pear cider; Kopparberg Alcohol Free delivers the same great Kopparberg taste but without the alcohol.


Available in 500ml bottles.

alcohol-free mixed fruit cider


Mixed Fruit’s unique taste is now captured in a new alcohol free offering.  Enjoy the refreshingly, fruity taste of the popular Mixed Fruit with only the alcohol missing. 


Available in 500ml bottles.